Avola is a gaff-rigged Cutter built in 1965 by St Osyth Boat yard in Ipswich, and designed by Francis-Jones.

She has an inboard 50HP Nainni auxiliary diesel engine with a cruising speed of 6 knots. The wheelhouse was added some 30 years ago without having to make any alterations to the rig.

She cruises extensively in Northern Europe, the Baltic and Russia.

 Following her trip to St Petersburg she won the Cruising Association log competition Hanson Cup at the Shipmate Dutch Classic Yacht Regatta .

In 2007 she won the prestigious Shipmate Spirit of Tradition award.

 Her name comes from a town in Sicily famous for its wine from Nero of Avola grapes. At the invasion of Sicily on the 19th Jully 1943 about 75 troops of the British 59th Division of the Eigth Army landed at Avola. The original owner was one of the first to set foot at Avola and later named his boat to remember the occcasion.