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The Dutch Old Gaffers participating in the RBC have issued a Clog Challenge!



OGA Areas participating in the RBC are being issued with a 3 part clog sailing boat kit and the challenge will take the form of clog racing at Cowes when we get there in August.


The kit consists of a clog, a roughly shaped keel and about 300g of lead ballast - see pic. There's also a sheet of possible sail plans prepared by a boat builder - and the rest is up to us...


The challenge is for each crew to transform their clog into a into a smashing model sailing boat. In every port there will be a clog sailing boat race, the final race in Cowes. The models will then be auctioned in favour of of the  RNLI .


The winner will be the one with the most race points in combination with the auction proceeds.

This winner receives the Tulip Gaff Sculpture - made by the dutch sailors during the round trip.

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