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About the Round Britain Challenge


The Challenge aimed to get as many OGA boats as possible sailing all round the British coast.


Our  Challenge Itineraries page shows a proposed route, the location of the ports involved in the Challenge and the dates of the OGA50 events that you could attend on the way.


  Many of the Boats carried a Tracker System which allowed everyone to follow their progress and

accurately indicate their arrival at various ports.


The following boats completed the Challenge

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When your finish is the same as your start, you have achieved nothing in the end. A disappointment, all this effort and adrenalin for no result at all..... Anyway I did it. Against the odds, only 63 days. More than 1700 miles in a 74 year old 18-footer.

Everyone who said I could not possibly make it in that time, or was doubtful about it, was wrong.

Achieved something after all.

       Kees Koomen


[Kees completed the Round Britain Challenge anticlockwise in Snoopy (see details), from Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands]

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